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Our Strategy

We plan to aggressively expand our footprint to bring our unique grocery business model to new geographies, inside California and beyond.

The buying power of Asian and Hispanic populations is among the largest in the U.S. and is growing quickly. Our long-term goal is to reach as many of these customers as possible.


Growth Strategy

Over the near-term, we plan to establish new center stores; upgrade existing stores and warehouses; enhance our technology capabilities to improve the mobile experience for our customers; optimize our supply chain and logistics systems; and open new satellite stores. Over the long-term, we plan to better serve younger generation customers; further integrate our supply chain; and enrich our product catalog.

Our Strategy

Partnership Strategy

We are the only partner with global retail giant in the grocery industry in North America. Our strategic partnership includes joint development of new stores, cloud-based operating systems, a newly designed mobile app, and bi-direction wholesale.

In collaboration with, we plan to:

  • Enable the digital transformation of our stores. Our new stores will utilize state-of-the-art devices and equipment, including new POS and scanning devices, automated cashier counters, new payment processing systems, and a new store management system.
  • Re-design our app and online platforms to make them more product centric. To better serve our customers both on and offline, we will include flash sales, daily special promotions, sales and popularity trends, targeted recommendations and promotional events.
  • Migrate to a cloud-based server to allow us to connect data from all stores, giving us a more holistic view of brand performance. Connected data will help us identify additional synergies among stores, analyze data at a larger scale, and identify opportunities to reduce our costs.
  • Utilize smart warehousing and logistics technology to allow us to better employ big data and artificial intelligence to explore warehousing automation solutions. We believe this will allow us to improve storage management and production efficiency while reducing operating costs.
  • Introduction of new and popular brands to our customers to provide them with more choices of boutique brands currently popular in China.

Meal Solutions Supermarket Strategy

To support the lifestyles of younger customers, we are focused on providing prepared meals, including 3R (ready to cook, ready to heat, ready to eat) products. We also offer gourmet food for in-store dining or take out, as well as a robust selection of packaged items including meat, seafood and fresh produce.

Our Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy

Our multi-channel business model reaches beyond grocery operations. We integrate both upstream and downstream to create a one-stop-shopping customer experience. Our import/export business and partnership with reputable suppliers ensure consistent and high-quality products for our customers.

Our Strategy