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About Us

Maison Solutions is a fast-growing, specialty retailer offering traditional Asian food and merchandise to modern U.S. consumers, with a focus on Asian communities.

We are committed to providing Asian fresh produce, meat, seafood and other daily necessities in a manner that caters to traditional Asian American family values and cultural norms, while also appealing to the new and faster-paced lifestyle of younger generations.


Unique Business Model

Our business model is focused on a multi-channel store network. Our “center” stores, or full-service stores, are similar to traditional supermarket or grocery stores covering a specific metro area, with storage space used as a warehouse or to distribute products to “satellite” stores. Satellite stores are designed to penetrate local communities and neighborhoods with large and growing concentrations of younger customers. Our in-house logistics team and strong relationships with farms and top vendors, allow us to offer high-quality specialty perishables at competitive prices.

Unique Business Model


Our customers have diverse shopping habits based on, among other factors, age and lifestyle. Our multi-pronged approach allows us to provide customers with multiple shopping channels, including integrated online and offline operations, to accommodate for these habits. Customers can place orders on our mobile app “FreshDeal24,” or through our WeChat Applet “Good Luck to Home” for either home delivery or in-store pickup. Our flexible shopping options are designed to provide customers with convenience and the flexibility to best match their lifestyle and personal preferences.


Expanding Our Footprint

While our main focus is Asian communities and catering to both established Asian American family values and the shifting needs of younger generations, we plan to opportunistically address additional demographics and populations, including a large and vibrant Latino community in Southern California.


Our Team

John Xu

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alexandria Lopez

Chief Financial

Tao Han

Chief Operating

Chris Zhang

Vice President-Corporate Development & Strategy